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Wedding Culture in CIS countries

A meaningful wedding requires planning and creative inputs from both partners, their family members and the friends that the couple have decided to include in the planning. Wedding planning can be fun but it also can be very challenging and stressful. You need to plan for the ideal and also substitutes if the plans go wrong.

Today, Armenian weddings come in a variety of different forms. They can contain some elements of tradition with a few hints of a European or American-style wedding. And this has become increasingly popular in recent years. Traditionally, Armenian weddings began with a courtship whereby the parents of the groom would choose a bride for their son and ask the brides parents for their daughters hand in marriage for their son. As the time went by, a form of courtship would have taken place to secure the union of the happy couple. This would have been carried out with the approval of the brides parents. However this tradition is no longer observed. Nowadays, the couple may sometimes request their parents approval of the union but mostly, they choose their partners themselves.

Wedding Culture in New Zealand

Planning for a wedding is most probably one of the biggest event that most people embarked on and the wedding ceremony is the launch pad for the days of happiness and celebration.

In New Zealand, people practice Maori marriage traditions and one of the significant tradition is the Haka dance. The Haka dance became popular through the New Zealand rugby team and includes loud chanting, fierce facial expressions, aggressive arm movements and foot stamping.

For more information on New Zealand's wedding costumes and culture, please go the following urls: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Wedding Culture in Canada

Every nation has its own wedding traditions and customs. Most Canadian youth take their wedding very seriously, they will always strive to be a grand wedding that is full of warmth, colourful, memorable moments. Canadians generally select wedding party to be held in the evening, first with an informal reception, followed by a formal buffet and hot meals in a warm atmosphere.

In parts of Quebec City, the groom, with his friends and relatives will meet the bride at her house, and the new couple travels to the church with the brides parents in a procession of cars, some of which are decorated for the wedding celebration. The procession will honk their horns and yell out of the windows, telling everyone about the wedding. The people they meet will shout their good wishes back, and offer advice and friendly kidding as the procession moves, parade-like, through the entire town.

In most weddings, the bride and the groom are expected to wear special outfits for the ceremony. These costumes are often quite ornate, and the exiquisite patterns, colours and decorations used in the tailoring are also highly symoblic. For more information on Canada's wedding costumes and culture, please go the following urls: Calgary, Hamilton, Mississauga, Quebec City

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