Advisory Committee

The PrivacyExchange Advisory Committee is made up of a prestigious international group of government, business, and public-interest group officials, academic, legal and technology experts. The committee assists in planning the site services and procedures, and help to keep the PrivacyExchange staff up to date on unfolding developments.

Chair of the Advisory Committee:

Jackson Janes
Executive Director
American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
The Johns Hopkins University
(Baltimore, MD, USA)


Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners:

Georg Apenes
Director General

Giovanni Buttarelli
Secretary General
Data Protection Authority

Ann Cavoukian
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Ontario, Canada

Paul A. Comeau
Commission d'accés á l'information du Quebec

Malcolm Crompton
Privacy Commissioner

Alexander Dix
Commissioner for Data Protection and Access to Information
Brandenburg, Germany

HansJürgen Gartska
Berliner Datenschutzbeauftragter
Berlin, Germany

Fergus Glavey
Data Protection Commissioner

Peter Hustinx
The Netherlands

Stephen Lau
Privacy Commissioner
Hong Kong

Bruce Slane
Privacy Commissioner
New Zealand


EU Officials:

Ulf Brühann
Head of Unit
Directorate General 15
Commission of the European Communities


Academic and Legal Experts:

Robert Belair, Esq
Mullenholz, Brimsek and Belair
(Washington, DC)

Scott Blackmer
Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering
(Washington, DC)

Herbert Burkert
Professor of Public Law, Information and Communication Law
Institute for Media and Communication Management
University of St. Gallen
(St. Gallen, Switzerland)
On leave of absence from Gesellschaft für Mathamatik und Datenverarbeitung
(Köln, Germany)

Fred Cate
Professor, School of Law
Indiana University
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

Michael Froomkin
Associate Professor, School of Law
University of Miami
(Miami, FL, USA)

Lance J. Hoffman
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Cyberspace Policy Institute
George Washington University
(Washington, DC)

Masao Horibe
Professor of Law
Chuo University
Emeritus Professor, Hitotsubashi University
(Tokyo, Japan)

Ronald L. Plesser, Esq
Piper and Marbury
(Washington, DC)

Spiros Simitis
Professor, Law
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Universität
(Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Peter Swire
Professor, College of Law
Ohio State University
(Columbus, OH, USA) Currently on leave while he is serving as the President's Counselor on Privacy

Christine Varney, Esq
Hogan and Hartson
(Washington, DC)


Privacy and Business Experts

Georg Nitsche
Allianz Versicherungs - AG
(Munich, Germany)

Russel Pipe
Deputy Director
Global Information Infrastructure Commission
(Washington, DC)

Joseph Reagle
Policy Analyst
World Wide Web Consortium
(Boston, MA, USA)


Technical support and advice has been provided by Lance Hoffman, Professor of Computer Science at George Washington University, and Joseph Reagle, of the World Wide Web Consortium.


Page last updated December 27, 2000

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