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PrivacyExchange contains 8 departments, all focused on consumer issues and electronic commerce.

About This Site -- a master introduction to PrivacyExchange, its creators, purpose, content, etc.

News -- expert commentaries and trend reports are catalogued by geographic region, and late-breaking privacy and data protection news is provided in the "NewsFlash" section which is divided by topic and updated regularly.

Legal Library -- a repository containing provisions of national and multi-national privacy and data protection laws -- both omnibus and by sector-- relating to the use and safeguarding of consumer information; pertinent regulations and administrative orders; court decisions; and new and pending legislative proposals. Official government publications interpreting or explaining legal rules will also be included.

Organizational Codes -- a library of several hundred voluntary consumer privacy codes and principles adopted by individual companies and industry associations.

Trans-Border -- includes relevant legal provisions on trans-border data flow; experiences of business organizations in moving personal consumer data across borders under existing national data protection laws; texts of model consumer protection agreements by companies or industry associations.

Issues-Studies-Surveys -- annual reports by government authorities and privacy groups, expert papers, important conference proceedings, empirical case studies, public opinion surveys and white papers are available. Technology and the Internet -- tutorials explaining the basics of privacy-enhancing software and hardware resources for use by individual consumers; discussions of new technology issues and proposals for non-specialists.

Technology and the Internet -- tutorials on technological topics for policymakers, analysts and other "non-specialists" working the areas of privacy and data protection.

Global Privacy Dialogue -- an extensive listing of the websites of organizations, individual experts and officials involved in consumer privacy and data protection matters around the world grouped according to geographic region and affiliation.


Helpful Hints for Using PrivacyExchange

  • If a document does not have a link at the bottom of the page, in order to return to the previous page, use the "back" button on your browser.
  • When printing documents from frames, particularly when using AOL, make sure that you select the page you want to print out by clicking in the frame before you choose "Print."


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