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Every two weeks, Privacy & American Business culls and prioritizes the most important information through an avalanche of privacy news stories, screened through the informed filter of leading experts, Dr. Alan Westin, Robert Belair, and the P&AB; staff. These experts are unbiased and treat the full range of privacy views and opinions from business to government, academia, advocacy, public interest and media. The NewsFlash is always thorough and sources are always provided.

While our PX sponsors have been generous, like many other non-profit organizations post 9/11, we have found it difficult to maintain our high standard of richness within constricted budgetary support. So, with regret, we will need to charge a token annual subscription fee for the NewsFlash beginning in February 2003.

The charge will be $75 per year for subscribers. Academics, students, and public or university libraries may subscribe for $50. Data Protection Commissioners and their staffs, former Center staff members, P&AB;, PLG and EPSG members will continue to receive the NewsFlash free.

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If you are interested in sampling the NewsFlash, P&AB; offers a one-month, one-time free subscription limited to one free sample trial per organization.

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Multiple subscriptions within an organization are available. Contact Olga Garey at (201) 996-1154 or for more information about licenses.

Current NewsFlash Subscribers agree that this service helps them do their job better by keeping them up to date on how the privacy scene is being shaped and who the major players are.

The Newsflash is an invaluable tool in helping me stay current on privacy developments in the US and around the world. It gives me the ability to advise our worldwide membership on one of the most critical of data's business issues. The international growth of direct marketing has made privacy, and the Newsflash, an important part of my business. - Charles A. Prescott, Vice President, International Business Development & Government Affairs Direct Marketing Association

"A concise way to get timely information right at your fingertips." - Peter Cullen, CPO, Royal Bank of Canada

To become a NewsFlash Subscriber, fax this form to Olga Garey, P&AB;, at (201) 996-0488 or mail to: Two University Plaza, Suite 414 Hackensack, NJ 07601

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To review back issues of the NewsFlash, see the Archives section of the PrivacyExchange News Department.


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